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The Love of Gardening: A Seed that Never Dies

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the love of gardening

Gertrude Jekyll’s quote, “The love of gardening is a seed that once sown, never dies,” beautifully captures the enduring passion that gardening can inspire in people.

Gardening, as an activity and a pursuit, has a unique and profound impact on those who engage in it. Like a seed planted in fertile soil, the initial curiosity or interest in gardening can sprout into a lifelong love and dedication.

the love of gardening, a seed that never dies

Nurturing a Lifelong Passion

The act of sowing a seed in the garden is an act of hope and patience. It symbolizes the beginning of a journey, where one nurtures and cares for a living thing. Similarly, one’s initial interest in gardening often develops into a deep and enduring passion. This love for gardening becomes a source of ongoing joy and fulfillment.

Gardening connects us with the natural world in a profound way. It allows individuals to witness the cycles of life, growth, and renewal up close. This connection with nature can be a powerful and transformative experience, fostering a deep and abiding love for the natural world. This connection can nurture our well-being, our souls and minds.

The Passing of Knowledge

Gardening is a never-ending journey of learning. As one tends to their garden, they gain knowledge and experience, constantly adapting and evolving their approach. This process of continuous learning keeps the love for gardening alive, as there are always new techniques to explore and plants to discover.

The love of gardening often passes from one generation to the next. Parents and grandparents share their gardening wisdom with children, creating a legacy of horticultural knowledge. This transfer of knowledge ensures that the love of gardening endures through time.

A Source of Solace and Inspiration

Gardening can be a source of solace in times of difficulty and a wellspring of inspiration. The act of tending to a garden offers a sense of purpose and can be a meditative experience. Many find solace in their gardens, and this deepens their affection for this rewarding pastime.

In essence, Gertrude Jekyll’s quote reminds us that the love of gardening is a profound and timeless sentiment. Once it takes root, it continues to flourish, enriching the lives of those who embrace it. This enduring love for gardening is a testament to the resilience of the human connection with the natural world and the beauty of cultivating life from a tiny seed.

Who Was Gertrude Jekyll?

In all honesty, I didn’t know who Gertrude Jekyll is. I’ve seen her quoted in many gardening circles. Of course, I googled. Gertrude Jekyll was a renowned English garden designer, horticulturist and writer. She was influential in modernizing garden design with more informal, naturalistic planting, which was a step away from the formal English gardens.

Gertrude popularized the concept of mixed borders, challenging the traditional separation of plants into different beds. She had a deep knowledge of color theory which she applied to mixed beds. She believed in creating gardens that appeared to be part of the natural landscape, with a focus on arrangements that mimic the beauty of nature.

Gertrude Jekyll wrote a tremendous number of books and articles and inspired a love of gardening in a broad section of people and a new generation.

I’m grateful for those like Gertrude Jekyll who brought gardening out of the somewhat stuffy confines of tradition!

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