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If there Were Only One Reason to Garden…

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tomatoes on chopping board

A multitude of gardeners would agree it would be tomatoes! Glorious, beautiful tomatoes. It’s #TomatoTuesday around here, time to sing the praises of the tomato: nature’s jewel, a sun-kissed sphere of sweet delight!


Ode to the Tomato

In gardens green, ‘neath the warm sun’s gaze,
Tomatoes thrive in many vibrant hues,
From ruby red to golden, they amaze,
In nature’s palette, they’re a colorful muse.

Slice them for a salad, or make them sauce,
Tomatoes versatile, in many a dish they shine,
With every bite, a burst of flavor, no loss,
In gardens and kitchens, they’re truly divine.

So, nurture your tomatoes with care and love,
From seed to fruit, they’re gifts from above,
In gardens or on plates, they rise and soar,
Tomatoes, nature’s treasures, forevermore.

Tomato Passion

Tomato passion is a remarkable phenomenon! Gardeners suffer from the disease mainly in the hot summer. It lingers dully in the fall and winter for most gardeners. Then the fever spikes in the spring, roughly six to eight weeks before the gardener’s average last frost date.

If you don’t believe it, you need to check out these Facebook groups, both worthwhile:

Tomato Obsession and Tomato Lover’s Collective and Swap

We’d Love to Hear From You! Tell us in a comment your favorite way to eat tomatoes. (Mine is sliced with salt:)

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