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Homemade Ranch Seasoning: Versatile, Clean and Easy

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homemade ranch seasoning

Who doesn’t love ranch dressing?! Minus the chemicals, of course. And without the mayonnaise for those who don’t tolerate it. Oh, and sans the buttermilk, too, for our lactose-intolerant friends. Wait…what is it that we actually love about Ranch, anyway? Oh, yeah, it’s that magical blend of herbs that we love. Good news, it’s easy to make your own homemade ranch seasoning to enjoy in multiple ways.

Homemade is Best

Most of us have grown up with the convenience of ready-made foods, especially condiments. There was a day when it was arguably more convenient and just as inexpensive to buy ready-made dressings and sauces. If you are an avid label-reader, like me, you realize that day has passed. The ingredients list on most labels is full of words I can’t pronounce.

There is a new word you may have seen lately: bio-engeneered food. Yikes! I can pronounce that one, and it still gives me pause. It has led me to find recipes and make many condiments myself. And guess what? Most of them are easy. And with today’s prices, they are cheaper. Easy, better, and cheaper, what’s not to like? You can even raise it up a notch and grow most of the herbs yourself.

Versatile, Clean and Easy

Ranch-style seasoning is a versatile addition to your spice rack. There are several variations of the recipe. You can add more of any ingredient you like to tweak the flavor. If you prefer more garlic or more chives, for instance, double up on the amount. Me, I’m a fan of dill, so I double the amount.

homemade ranch seasoning for dressing

If you love to experiment, Homemade ranch seasoning is a perfect blend for you. It can be mixed with other seasonings, like Mexican seasonings, to add a different twist to an old recipe.

If you haven’t already, you can use homemade ranch seasoning on more than just salad. You can sprinkle it on chicken, or on vegetables or potatoes, then saute. It elevates garlic toast to a new level. Ranch dressing is the perfect dip for last night’s leftover pizza crust! Without further ado, here is the recipe…read to the end to learn about several ways to use it.

Homemade Ranch Seasoning Recipe


  • 2 Tbs. Onion Powder
  • 2 Tbs. Chives or Onion Flakes
  • 3 Tbs. Garlic Powder
  • 2 Tbs. Parsley
  • 2 Tbs. Dill
  • 2 tsp. Salt
  • 1 tsp Black Pepper
  • 2 Tbs. Chili Powder
  • 2 tsp. Cumin
  • 1 Tbs. Cilantro
  • 1/2 to 1 tsp. Jalapeno Powder or Cayenne Powder

Creative Uses for Homemade Ranch Seasoning

Having a jar of homemade ranch seasoning on hand will add a new dimension to your cooking! It will save time and energy because you already spent the time making it, all 5 minutes that it took. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If you regularly use ranch salad dressing, mix in cultured buttermilk powder and store the jar in the refrigerator. Start with 1 cup buttermilk powder to 4 Tbs. ranch mix, and adjust to your liking. Mix it with milk. or a mix of any of the above suggestions for the base when ready to use.
  • To use for Mexican dishes, add equal parts ranch seasoning and taco seasoning. Homemade taco seasoning is equally easy, versatile, and clean.
  • Use homemade ranch seasoning for snacks: Ranch Chex Mix. Seasoned popcorn. Homemade potato chips. Roasted pumpkin (or other) seeds. Add to Buffalo chicken dip. Chicken ranch nachos. Dry rubbed chicken wings. Homemade crackers or chips. Avocado Toast. Ranch devilled eggs.
  • Homemade ranch seasoning paired with bacon and sprinkled on anything is a double win!
  • Add to a homemade pesto. Spinach dip. Artichoke dip. Mix homemade ranch seasoning with your homemade mayonnaise. And yes, homemade mayo is SO easy.
  • Add homemade ranch seasoning to the condiments. Try adding some to our recipe for homemade probiotic mayonnaise.

Creative Spin on Traditional Recipes

  • Chicken and ranch seasoning are beautiful dance partners: Chicken and bacon ranch pizza. Baked ranch chicken, breasts or thighs. Ranch chicken tortillas, burritos or fajitas. Ranch-brined chicken or turkey. Wraps, sandwiches, and chicken salads. Chicken Kabobs.
  • Use homemade ranch seasoning in a marinade for chicken, beef, pork or fish.
  • Pork also plays well with homemade ranch seasoning: Baked ranch pork chops. Ranch-rubbed pork loin (great in the Instant Pot!).
  • Ranch steak with mushrooms and onions. Seasoned meatloaf. Ranch cheddar burgers. Slow cooker pot roast.
  • I have seen recipes for shrimp and other seafood with ranch seasoning. I might be convinced, but hmmm…not sure.
  • Roasted veggies and ranch seasoning, add Parmesan cheese (great in the air fryer!): cubed and roasted ranch potatoes or french fries, garlic and ranch mashed potatoes, twice baked potatoes, potato skins, roasted yellow squash or zucchini discs coated in ranch seasoning, broccoli, corn on the cob, cucumber salad, ranch rice or cauliflower rice, brussels sprouts.
  • Pasta salad and potato salad.

Homemade Ranch Seasoning with Fresh Herbs

Growing your own herbs is one of the easiest things to do in the garden, or on your window sill! Sometimes it’s difficult to use them up. Making your own seasoning blends is a great use of home-grown herbs if you have more than you can use. You simply mix up the same proportions of fresh herbs that you have used with dried herbs.

If you have bought herbs, you will likely have a few left-over and will need to use them up before they get stale or rot. Chop them up and use any of the following ideas:

  • Mix the fresh homemade ranch seasoning with softened butter. Freeze in ice cube trays, then pop them into a ziplock bag and store in the freezer. Take any number of cubes out and use with noodles, rice, roasting chicken, steak, garlic toast, homemade bread, pull-apart bread, etc. The convenience and freshness will revolutionize your dinners.
  • Mix the fresh herbs with olive oil or avocado oil and freeze the same way. Use to saute. Thaw and use in a marinade or sauce.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a freeze dryer, your homemade ranch seasoning will maintain its lovely fresh colors and will last indefinitely. You may like to rehydrate before using, depending on the use.
homemade ranch seasoning

Ranch Steak

Not to be confused with ranch seasoning, ranch steak is a type of cut. It is a lean cut of beef that is usually grilled or broiled. It is not a tender cut so it should be marinated. Ranch steak is usually served with a sauce that is traditionally called “ranch sauce”. It can certainly be marinaded in ranch-seasoning, or any other marinade, but it isn’t related at all to our homemade ranch seasoning recipe.

Ranch steak is a less expensive cut and a great option when cooked properly. Learn all about ranch steak on the Steak Specialist website.

Growing Herbs

As mentioned above, growing herbs is one of the easiest and most rewarding things to do in your garden. Many herbs are perennial, meaning they come back year after year. Many are self-seeding as well. Herbs are excellent companion plants. Not only do they add biodiversity to the garden, they are useful in organic pest control.


I hope this sparks your imagination as well as your green thumb. Herbs add so much to our kitchens. Cooking with fresh or dried herbs will add a flavor boost to any meal. Stay tuned for more seasoning mixes that make convenient go-to additions to your food prep.

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