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Gardening is Cheaper Than Therapy: and You Get Tomatoes

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Gardening is cheaper than therapy

In Maryland’s heart, where blooms do sway,
I tend to gardens day by day.
While tending to business my efforts may be,
It’s in the garden, that my heart is free.

They say, “Gardening is cheaper than therapy,”
And that holds true, for you and me.
With soil beneath my fingers’ caress,
I find my daily dose of happiness.

Through blooms and blossoms, colors so bright,
I let my worries take their flight.
The whisper of the leaves, the flowers’ hum,
In nature’s embrace, my soul’s overcome.

Green upon green, regenerative delight,
In the garden, everything feels just right.
Tomatoes grow, like friends they appear,
With every season, they bring us cheer.

So remember, when life’s feeling blue,
Get your hands dirty, it’s what you should do.
For in the garden, where therapy’s free,
You’ll find solace, and mint for your tea!

Gardening is cheaper than therapy

Growing tomatoes is one of the best things about gardening. I’m sure an unscientific poll would reveal it is the number one reason to get your hands dirty. Fortunately, tomatoes aren’t the only benefit!

We hope you enjoyed our light-hearted look at the therapeutic benefits of gardening! FYI, you might find this article as interesting as I did: House and Garden in the UK published this excellent article, The Inextricable Link between Gardening and Happiness.

If you have any verses to add, the comment box is all yours!

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