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Mid Atlantic Gardening

We garden in the Mid-Atlantic region, usually considered to include Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Delaware and New Jersey (all zone 7) and WV and PA (zone 6). Explore the unique gardening challenges and opportunities of the Mid-Atlantic, from the picturesque landscapes of Maryland to the vibrant gardens of Virginia. We delve into the specific climate, soil, and plant considerations that make this region distinct. Our articles offer tailored advice and insights to help Mid-Atlantic gardeners thrive. Uncover tips on plant selection, seasonal care, and regional gardening trends that cater to the dynamic conditions of the Mid-Atlantic. Join us as we cultivate the beauty of this region, one garden at a time.

Mid-Atlantic Region Garden

9 Unique characteristics of The Mid-Atlantic Region Garden

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The Mid-Atlantic region garden offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities due to its climate, weather, soil characteristics, rainfall patterns, and average temperatures. We have a diverse geography, from the coastline with it’s sandy beaches and tidal marshes, to the Appalachian Mountains, with the rolling hills and the Piedmont… Read More »9 Unique characteristics of The Mid-Atlantic Region Garden